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A number of folks have asked in email for more particulars about the WonderCon
appearance.  I've finally gotten a schedule, and the details are:

Friday: autographs 4-5:30 Exhibit Hall
Saturday: spotlight 2:30 room 134, autographs 3:30 exhibit hall, panel 5:00
room 131
Sunday: Panel (w/ R.A. Salvatore) 12:00, autographs 2:00.

(I'm only bringing a fairly limited number of Sleeping in Light scripts, so
they may go pretty fast on Friday and Saturday.)

The panel with RA is on world-building, which should be fun.

More info at www.wondercon.com

This is only the second year that the folks responsible for San Diego Comic Con
have been running WonderCon, and because I've always had a soft spot in my
heart (or head) for that group, I'm giving them all the advance PR I can.  If
SDCC is any indication, it should be a fun convention.  (My only other
convention appearance this year will be at SDCC this coming July 18th weekend.)


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