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>>>Well, Straczynski is *vastly* over-rated.  Can't stand his stuff.  Don't
>>>why anyone reads it.  Total crap.
>>This is the extent of your criticism?  Do you have anything more intelligent
>>back up your opinion?  Any examples?
>Oh, lord, where does one *begin*?  Hell, the first season of B5 was full of
>ponderous foundation-laying that just went on and on and on until you wanted to
>stick a fork in your own eye just to stop it...a thousand years ago this, a
>thousand years ago that, blah blah blah end of the known universe and do you
>fasten or zip?  

	If B5 were any damn good, it would have lasted longer than
five seasons!


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>If B5 were any damn good, it would have lasted longer than
>five seasons!



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