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Quick question about the timeline for B5:

Morden shows up & enrages Sheridan b/c he's the only survivor from the trip
on which Anna was lost.  Morden can't satisfactorily prove what he's been up
to, and Sheridan can't conclusively prove anything against him, either.

BUT--Morden has in fact been at B5 as recently as Dec. of the previous
year--demonstrably NOT cavorting about on the rim.  And we viewers know that
Morden was a shadow agent even then.  What does this mean?  Has Morden made
TWO trips, become infected on the first, and then taken Anna w/  him on the
second?  What are the dates of the Morden/Anna trip? Doesn't B5 keep logs
that would show that Morden was there recently in the past?

The Catherine/Anna switch might affect how this is worked, perhaps.

I'm envisioning the lovely scene in which Morden persuades Catherine Sakai
to accompany him on a little expedition . . . . ooh yes.

"What do you want?" asks Morden.
What do you suppose Catherine answered??


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>What are the dates of the Morden/Anna trip? 

Per the B5 Chronology by Terry Jones:


"Thursday December 3rd. Before the Icarus departs Station Prime on it's 6 month
scientific and archaeological expedition to the Rim, Anna Sheridan transmits a
full mission inventory to her husband John. The Icarus departs Station Prime to
begin it's journey in hyperspace."


"Sunday January 3rd. The Icarus lands on Z'ha'dum and the survey teams which
include Anna Sheridan, Morden and Justin, begin to explore. Unknown to those on
Earth, some of the survey team are captured by those Shadows already out of
hibernation and given the choice of serving them or death. Morden is
manipulated by the Shadows into becoming a willing emissary and receives a
cranial implant to facilitate communication between him and the Shadows. Anna
doesn't agree with what they are doing, so she is merged with Shadow technology
along with other team members. The Icarus is set on automatic and the engines
overloaded to blow as it reaches orbit. 

"Revelations, In The Shadow Of Z'ha'dum, Knives, The Shadow Within and Z'ha'dum
outline what happened to the survey team and the Icarus. The Passing Of The
Techno-mages:Summoning Light reveals Morden has an implant in his skull.

Probes set up by the Vorlons to monitor Z'ha'dum record the events on the
planet's surface and the information is transmitted to Ambassador Kosh's ship
en route to Babylon 5."


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