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Just an advisory to those who picked up this issue...there's a big glitch by
way of a missing dialogue balloon at the most crucial part of the story.  (It
was a production glitch late in the game.)

Spoiler space for those who haven't gotten it yet

On page 18, where MJ and Peter are having their heart-to-heart at last, on the
next-to-last panel, after MJ says "when I went away," there was supposed to be
the following dialogue in the last panel on that page.

"...it was because I was so far outside your life, I could never DO anything to
help.  I could never be a part of what yo do, and you could do it so well, that
I just...I didn't think you needed me, Peter.  That's all I wanted to know,
that's all I wanted to hear, that you needed me, that you..."

Just a small thing, the justification for the whole arc....


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