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>>>I believe that JMS has explained the workings of the spider sense in
>>>the last issue of Amazing Spider-man.  It works like this: a spider
>>>spots something dangerous or important, and psychically sends a buzz
>>>to Peter.  It seems he's been aided by spiders all along.
>> So spider sense only works when there are spiders?  How about when
>> he's off world like during Secret Wars?  
>Was that really the explanation given?  I don't like it.  It works much
>better as a weak form of precognition - or even a sort of clairvoyance
>that gives him awareness of his surroundings. 

I once postulated that it gave him low level powers similar to
Daredevil but generally overcome by his ability to see.  His brain
analyses the radar-like input at a sub-conscious level and manifests
it's determination of danger by the feeling he gets.


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>>Was that really the explanation given?  I don't like it.  

It wasn't, and I don't either.


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