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>>But honestly, has a library ever had a negative effect on people
>>buying books?  I've read CS Lewis, Stephen King, Jean Auel and others
>>as a kid for free, yet I ended up buying the books later as an adult. 
> Unless you had a very different library association than mine, all the
> books in the library were purchased by the library, and the writers
> received royalties. 

Joe, I saw Babylon 5 for free, I have said series on tape yet I still 
bought the DVDs.  That was the point that was made.  I saw quality for 
free as a child re-imbursed only by watching the occasional commercial 
and hyping the series.  Even then, as an adult I rewarded that passion by 
getting the series in a quality medium I and my family could enjoy.

The library system offers little to artists in way of direct royalties 
with exception of research books (I assume).  The price tag on 
recognition libraries offer artists are incalculable.  Certainly you 
appreciate that child hood passions can equate to adult purchasing later 
in life.

Yet, it is that one book being passed into the hands of many people.  
That means according to Corporate "logic" that they've losts millions per 
book in the library.  This is the logic that somehow says piracy cost X-
billions in lost revenue presuming people who buy the product legitmently  
if they had not gotten the pirated material for free.  Is there loss, 
yes, but not in a quantifiable nature.

Look at some software "contracts".  Somehow, before ever opening the 
label, I've agreed never to resell this program.  It is with these logic, 
though legal to a point, that I disagree.  Ok, so it gets into corporate 
reform but this can be tied to the copyright issue dealing with free 
viewing or reselling intellectual property (such as books and old video 
tapes at garage sales).

>>For music, 
>>has radio had a negative or positive impact?  HBO for movies? 
> HBO pays residuals; radio also pays for the rights to broadcast music.
> Apples and oranges.

I would disagree to a point.  HBO residuals are a pitance due to the late 
70's negotiation but my point was that though we will see movies on HBO 
for a mere $10/month, people still go to theatres, buy/rent videos, and 
hopefully (and do) buy movies they have seen on HBO and found out they 

I am not saying this justifies the pirating of material.  None of my 
posts say this.  I am saying that individual artists and corporations for 
that matter look upon such venues as a means to recognition out there.  

Summarize, my post was about the value of supposed free or cheap venues 
outside of direct compensation.  An intellectual investment if you will.


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>Joe, I saw Babylon 5 for free

Yes, and no.  Technically, yes, you saw the show for free...in that *you*
didn't have to pay for it directly.

But the show WAS being paid for, by the advertisers (and subjecting you to the
commercials is the price *you* pay for the show.)

The actors are being compensated every time that show runs, via residuals, as
opposed to somebody putting up episodes on the net.  

(In point of fact, I saw a post recently where somebody was talking about
uploading and downloading B5 episodes, and why it was okay to do because the
studio had made their money on it, why give the money grubbing guys any more? 
Except, of course, that the actors, writers and directors don't get the big
bucks, they get residuals when the show plays.  Which makes me ask...if you
like the show, and the characters, and the actors who *played* those
characters, why would you take away the few bucks they make in residuals by
putting their eps on the net?)


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