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>>Joe, I saw Babylon 5 for free
> Yes, and no.  Technically, yes, you saw the show for free...in that
> *you* didn't have to pay for it directly.
> But the show WAS being paid for, by the advertisers (and subjecting
> you to the commercials is the price *you* pay for the show.)

Aside from PBS, yes, entertainment television is ran and funded by the 
commercials.  Have a problem with a show, write to the sponsors so that 
they don't advertise, etc.

That was why I mentioned that I watched the commercials (in addition to 
suggesting the show to others) on B5.  Such time invested is not normally 
considered "paying" for the show.  I've even heard from extremists that 
not watching commercials means I'm stealing by getting something for 

This alters the nature of the post from writing protection to ad 
revenues.  A problem with the archaic ad system that the internet quickly 
learned is that eyeballs do not equate to people willing to pay.  With 
better technology, you have better idea of the number of people watching 
a show.  In the internet you have an even better idea in that one 
computer usually means one viewer and you know each time you get a hit.

Internet also has the benefit that if they detect that you have ad 
blockers, the site can refuse you service.  You don't want to participate 
in the way the site is paid for, you can send a small amount via PayPal 
to get an ad free site to boot.  How do you stop a show for someone that 
goes to the bathroom or uses adblitz system on his TV?

> The actors are being compensated every time that show runs, via
> residuals, as opposed to somebody putting up episodes on the net.  

And when B5 went only to one cable station (TNT followed by Sci-Fi)
instead of multiple syndicated stations did this not lower the revenue 
potential of residuals?  

As for posting on the net, sick the lawyers on them and fry the bastards.  
Should not be too hard, just have them look at Kazaa (the entire B5 show 
is available last I looked), find out the originating ISP (not too hard 
once you've established a download) then backtrace from there.  A tech 
should be able to do it.  

Once word gets out that posting can cost you big money and legal hassle, 
the everyday pirate will fall to the wayside.  Yes, you're left with the 
smart pirate, but crime has been a factor since before Babylonian times.


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>And when B5 went only to one cable station (TNT followed by Sci-Fi)
>instead of multiple syndicated stations did this not lower the revenue 
>potential of residuals?  

Not in the way you mean it, but it would take WAY too long to explain the


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