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Jms at B5 wrote:

> >I've noticed that when it comes to comics, it seems wherever JMS goes
> >Fiona Avery follows shortly thereafter. Between the ASM annual, her RS
> >mini-series, and others, a great many jobs seem to be found for her.
> Let me jump in here for a second....
> Every writer tends to follow every other writer a bit as they first start off.
> The reason I was able to first write a Teen Titans Spotlight was that I knew
> the guy who was the editor of the book; ditto for my other first comics.  You
> go to people you know, usually friends.  That's the gatekeeping process.
> Guys do this all the time, whether it's the British mafia of
> Moore/Morrison/Gaiman or others.  Moore also mentored Gaiman, and brought him
> on to write the comics he was involved with, such as Miracleman.  But nobody
> every mentions that, it's when the other person is a female that suddenly some
> people have a hard time with it.
> Everybody goes through a learning curve when they enter a medium; Moore, me,
> Neil, Fi, the first few years are rocky.  That's the nature of the craft.
> Top Cow and I rely on her for the RS follow-ups because she knows my universe
> very well, and has learned to kind of write in my style, so there's a certain
> level of consistency there.  She's doing the book in part because I asked her
> to do so, because I wanted someone there I could trust.
> She's also done and doing a great deal of work that has nothing whatsoever to
> do with me.  She wrote for Earth: Final Conflict, she created the No Honor book
> which she is currently adapting as a series for television for Gale Ann Hurd
> (which again has no connection to me), she's just finished off two novels, has
> published stories in magazines that have nothing to do with me...she's doing
> just fine on her own.

Well now hold on there Joe sweetheart, that's exactly what I was asking. It's
exactly because I'm a woman reader, in a genre dominated by male readers and
writers, that I was wondering whether Fiona's career was drawing any criticism..
Are there people in the professional community who get snitty about her writing a
flagship book like Spider-Man without doing a few issues of a Teen Titan
equivalent? That's what I was curious about.

Example: People who assassinate Jane Lindskold's character because she finished
Roger Zelazny's last two books.

It's not as if I said she was a bad writer, or a tag-along, or kicked my puppy when
we were both little. I'm honestly curious about any resistance Fiona is

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From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 06 Jul 2003 05:18:25 GMT

>It's not as if I said she was a bad writer, or a tag-along, or kicked my
>puppy when
>we were both little. I'm honestly curious about any resistance Fiona is

Aside from this discussion...none that I'm aware of.


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