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I'll also post this in one of the Supreme Power threads, because I'm not sure
what will show up here first, but in the interim....

I've previously mentioned my new book from Marvel, called Supreme Power.  I
just got a note from Marvel mentioning that the cutoff for orders is going to
be this Thursday, July 17th (also my birthday).  I genuinely think that Surpeme
Power may be one of the best things I've done in the comics field, maybe the
best to date, and I just want to put out the word to any Babylon 5 folks out
there who don't normally read comics, and encourage them to check this one out.
 This is a great book for people who don't generally go for comics, a strong
character story from end to end.

Anyway, once the orders for issue #1 are filled by the 17th, they won't be
taking any additional orders, and Marvel doesn't do reprints anymore.  If you
miss issue 1, you'll have to wait for the trade, which could take six months or
more.  So I wanted to let everyone know that this is your last chance, 'cause
this is almost certainly going to sell out and be impossible to find afterward.

As I've noted here before, I don't usually go to this length to promote
something I'm doing -- I've really not spoken a lot about the Jeremiah series
for Showtime, or the B5 quote book, or other projects -- but I'm making an
exception for this one because I truly believe this is something extraordinary,
in large measure thanks to the amazing artwork by Gary Frank, who also penciled
Midnight Nation.

You can get more info on the book at:



And for a peek at issue 2:



So: long story made short, July 17th is the cutoff date for orders at comic
shops.  Just so's nobody can say later they didn't have fair warning on what
Marvel thinks may end up being the book of the year for them.


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