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Jeremy Henderson wrote:

> On 21 Jul 2003 02:15:40 GMT, Dan McEwen <dannyboymcny at aol.com> spake
> unto us thusly:
> >windbag1000 at aol.com (Windbag1000) wrote in
> >news:20030720200550.14640.00000395 at mb-m02.aol.com:
> >
> >> Notice how many writers seem to be rejecting Nu-Marvel and its
> >> hands-on policy?
> >>
> >> Loeb
> >> Waid
> >> Johns
> >> Rucka
> >> Morrison
> >
> >Rucka, the guy who is currently writing a Marvel book?
> Yes, also the guy who just announced he's signed a three year
> exclusive deal with DC.
> Rucka's always been predominantly a DC guy though. Sad to see him go
> on Wolverine, since it's the first time I've liked the title
> since...well ever actually.
> Of the names above, only one (Waid) has definitely left (well, been
> fired) because of editorial differences. The other guys may have just
> had buckets of money thrown their way.
> Awhile back Jemas DID challenge DC to use the vast financial resources
> of their parent company, Time Warner. Maybe they're doing just that.

This may be indicative of a painful ignorance on my part, but what exactly
is the advantage of an 'exclusive' contract with a comic book company? I
can understand it probably carries guarantees for a writer or artist of a
steady paycheck, but is it simply for the bragging rights of the company?

Or, perhaps more terrifying, have Marvel and DC begun actually
'collecting' the various comic creators as one might comics themselves? Is
there a six-foot mylar bag waiting at DC for Greg Rucka? Will we see JMS
dipped in holofoil and marketed to retailers as a limited edition?

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From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
Date: 21 Jul 2003 21:49:18 GMT

>Will we see JMS
>dipped in holofoil and marketed to retailers as a limited edition?

Not likely...at best I'd be CGC graded at 3.1 or so.  Too many bent corners, I


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