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Okay, this probably ranks with one of the stupider messages I've ever posted,

For some time now, slowly and surrepticiously, cats have moved onto the area
around Casa Straczynski (how they pronounce it is anybody's guess), and the
problem there is that where cats go, kittens follow.

I'm about to start to process of snaring and spaying the adults, getting them
their shots and the like...but that leaves the kittens on hand (or paw) to deal

I'd like to find them a good home.  A safe, reliable home.  So I thought I'd
come to you bunch first.

Here's the requirements: you have to live in the LA area, so you can come pick
them up in person in neutral territory.  I want your name, phone number, and
address, and I want to receive periodic (once a year) updates on their
condition (complete with jpgs), to make sure the little guys don't land in a
lab or something.

If you're up to the task -- they're slightly feral kittens, about a month old,
but they've been around people and should be easily enough to domesticate --
they're cute as buttons: some gray tabby, others white-and-black, lemme know in
private email.  



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