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Horrid Goblin asked:

>...not Joe M. Straczynski
>My parents both go by their middle names so I'd understand if that was the
>reason, but everyone seems to call him Joe so I'm a little confused. Is it
>just cos J Michael sounds cooler?

Actually, it's mainly to sneak up to the startling Straczynski part gradually. 
And because it doesn't scare the cat. ;-)  

No, really.  I can't find the post right now but that's how JMS answered that
question once before.

Also, it's an easy way for him to separate friend from stranger.  If somebody
approaches him as "Michael" he can be pretty sure they don't know much about


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>Actually, it's mainly to sneak up to the startling Straczynski part
>And because it doesn't scare the cat. ;-)  

That's actually more or less correct.

BTW, for those who've been asking about Rising Stars, if you go over to 


you'll get a pretty good answer.


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