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> > Correction to my last post: I put up the wrong link (that was my
standard link
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> Great article, although at first I wondered if you were trying to get us
> to take you to the movies or something...
> Anyway, you could change a few words here and there and it would have
> been a great article about the music industry, too.  And look how the
> music industry is starting its slow spin into the toilet.  It's taken
> decreasing profits in double digits for the music industry to even
> realize that its death throes have begun; but, all death is change, and
> change (while painful) is often good.  So maybe there's hope for the
> music industry -- similarly, let's hope the movie/tv industry has an
> epiphany at some point.
Part of the problem with the music industry is just that -- it's become an
industry. What everyone in it forgets is that the idea of musicians becoming
filthy rich from songs they've written or performed is an extremely recent

Likewise, copyright that's virtually held in perpetuity is a new concept
that IMHO isn't sensible. One of the factors affecting this, of course, is
that the ability to record a performance is something that didn't exist at
the time the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution and wasn't anticipated.
The argument in favor of the most recent extension of copyright was that it
is needed to encourage writers and musicians to innovate and create. It
isn't. What it does is give large corporations control over the works of
others long after their deaths.

Can anyone seriously conceive of writers or musicians deciding that they
aren't going to write or perform any longer because the copyright won't last
more than fifty years beyond their deaths? Writers write because it's what
they want to do. Musicians compose and perform because they love to.
Painters paint and sculpters sculpt, again, because it's what they want to
do. To put the question to JMS --  Joe, would you cease your writing if the
duration of copyright were only fifteen years, renewable once?


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Okay, two JMS screwups...the comics special on the history channel is tonight,
Saturday, at 10 pst, not Sunday.


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