[B5JMS] Sean Astin speaks out about handling of JEREMIAH.

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Mena Ryan wrote:

> I looked at it and then followed the link to
> http://www.jeremiah.sean-astin.net/.  He has it where you can click to
> send e-mail to a buttload (ok, 15) of addresses, one of them, jeremiah =
> hubbe . net, appears to in Monica Hubinette's domain after:
> Hopefully she won't get a bunch of hate mail...

Quite the contrary actually! Most of the letters have been quite good=20
and respectful. A handful that I have read I would have preferred they=20
keep some of their opinions to themselves but for the most part I am=20
proud to be associated with people who like Jeremiah.

Anyway, I am working together with the Sean Astin site mentioned above=20
so they have copied the same information posted on my own site. I am=20
running a promotion where anyone who cc's me at the address above about=20
the campaign will be entered to win some great Jeremiah prizes. :)

> OK, I have been stuck doing some nasty statistics assignments and
> haven't really kept up with the whole Jeremiah thread and don't have th=
> time to really look into it now but I was wondering how accurate this
> is.  The last I saw it had more or less been resolved, the episodes wer=
> just waiting for a better time to be aired.  Isn't this still the case?=

Yes, this is still the case. We started this campaign because we have=20
been jerked around by Showtime in the past and want to make sure they=20
know what we want. I got a hold of all the contact information for the=20
people who are involved with making decisions about the future of=20
Jeremiah so why not do something rather than sit around and hope for the=20

Showtime never said, "mid-season finale" or "winter finale" or=20
"remaining season two episodes will air on [insert date]". Anything at=20
all to indicate what they were doing or that they inteneded to air the=20
remaining episodes at all. It appeared that they might be pulling an=20
"Odyssey 5" which was cancel the series and hold on to the unaired=20
episodes indefinitely.

What they -did- say was "season finale" and for a short time "series=20
finale". They have (probably as a result of our campaign) also posted on=20
their web site that new episodes (assuming they mean the remainder of=20
season two) are "coming in 2004."

We are making progress and the folks getting our emails are taking=20
notice but will it be enough? We still need to make that push to narrow=20
their 12-month window to January 2004. Also, why not ask for another=20
season or new episodes or how many episodes will air next year. The more=20
we bother them, the more likely they will know how important this show=20
is to them.

Send to both the direct addresses on my site and their online help
service at: http://www.sho.com/site/util/contact.do

I will update the campaign page later tonight but we are making a=20
difference! Please keep sending those emails and just write something a=20
little different if you are emailing the same people more than once.=20
Each unique email will count.

Monica H=FCbinette, owner of THE ABYSS
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Sudden thought...is Movie Central in Canada airing the show straight through,
or stopping?  If the former, then they'll see the second half of the show prior
to the US.


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