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>To jump in here...as much as I can, I always try to do my homework, and 
>I'd have to be the sloppiest writer in the history of...well, really 
>sloppy writers to not take into account the time factor in Spidey 
>chronology, and deal with it straight-up in the writing.


Have you actually READ any of the stuff that's come out of Axel Alonso's 
office in the last few years?

The current Spider-Man office is responsible for TROUBLE, a miniseries 
that tried to establish Aunt May as Peter's mother, with an 18-year age 
gap - manifestly impossible, but that didn't stop them having a go.

This is also the office with an attitude to continuity so relaxed that 
they can't even make up their mind whether MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN is 
in the Marvel Universe *at all.*  (Mark Millar says it is.  Axel Alonso 
says it isn't.)

Hell, Alonso has given interviews pretty much saying that he doesn't 
really care about the subject.

And you're suggesting that readers should give the Spider-Man office the 
benefit of the doubt on continuity matters?

Why should they?

Paul O'Brien

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>And you're suggesting that readers should give the Spider-Man office the 
>benefit of the doubt on continuity matters?
>Why should they?

Show me where in my message I mentioned the office.  I just said what *I* was
doing, nobody else.  And I can tell you that whenever I've gone into Spidey's
past, I've made it a point to research the thing to try and get it right, to
the point of referring to specific panels in previous issues as reference for
the art.

And not one person at the Marvel office has ever said one word to me about not
doing so.


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