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> To jump in here...as much as I can, I always try to do my homework, and I'd
> have to be the sloppiest writer in the history of...well, really sloppy writers
> to not take into account the time factor in Spidey chronology, and deal with it
> straight-up in the writing.  And we do, about two issues down the road, address
> this issue in absolutely straightforward terms.

D: Well, there HAS been a long line of Sloppy writing on Spidey and
other Marvel comics, so assuming you are sloppy on this one well, can
be justified.
> The math not only works, in fact it becomes a major aspect of the story, as you
> will see in about two months.

D: Now for this one....the math CAN'T work naturally if "the Twins"
are the age they are drawn to be.

Cutin and pastin my own argument from another thread: 
There is no way the kids if they
are Peter's could possible be as old as they are drawn.  Now we fans
could debate it, but wouldn't Peter/Spidey...know how old he himself
is? Wouldn't HE know there is no possible way these two weren't his
kids?  Wouldn't the 2 kids also know that they couldn't be Peter's
kids as well using that same logic?

The time line at best is along these line: Gwen and Peter and Harry
were in college at the time she went to Paris and Peter was in Canada.
 So using youngest age possible, they (Gwen and Peter @ that time)
would be say 18.  The clone/Jackel issue of #150 happened late in
their College life (or just after, ASIR) say, when they were 21-22.  5
was the date given when Ben Reilly shows back up...so about 26-27
would be Peter's age.  Give a couple of years since then for Peter's
current age and we are at 28-29 which is how Peter is usually
presented as his current age.  But even if he is a few more years
older then that now....say 32.  That's only 14 years since Gwen went
off to Paris (32-18=14). And the 2 that beat up on Spidey/Peter
certainly don't
look like they 14  (even if you spot some for Bad Artist that can't
draw a young teen body...and I'm thinking this will be the "cheat").

The only way Peter (or Harry) could be their Father is if Peter
suddenly ages to his late/later 30's (10 more years then he's USUALLY
protrayed at) OR the kids aren't as old as they look/drawn.
> The amusing thing has been watching some of the online critics who, being
> themselves unable to think how it could be done in a way that isn't stupid,
> come to the assumption that the story is going to be as stupid as those
> assumptions...and go after it as a result, not understanding that it's the
> parameters they're seeing inside their own head that they're reacting to, not
> what's in the story...because the story hasn't been told in full yet.

Well, there is a reason I'm not getting paid by Marvel to write
Amazing Spider-man. Though, that still doesn't explain how Mackie was
paid to write Spidey.

Daniel Dayton real name

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From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
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>D: Well, there HAS been a long line of Sloppy writing on Spidey and
>other Marvel comics, so assuming you are sloppy on this one well, can
>be justified.

But insofar as I know, not on my watch.  One may agree or disagree with a given
tack being taken, but sloppy?  I don't feel that's the case.

But then, to be fair, I wouldn't.  

>D: Now for this one....the math CAN'T work naturally if "the Twins"
>are the age they are drawn to be.

Which goes back to what I said...you can't see a way in which that can be the

Different thing.


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