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R. Tang wrote:

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>>>So one doesn't judge Bradbury by Heinlein, you don't judge Macy's by
>>>Bullock's, you don't judge broccoli by bananas, and you don't judge me
>>>by Bendis, Bendis by me, me by Waid or Waid by anybody else.
>>>At least, that's how we Earthers do it.  I would be very much
>>>interested in hearing how they do it on your world, Ambassador.
>>>Please give my best wishes to the rest of the Martian delegation.
>>> jms
>>I'm glad you don't drink alcohol cause I'd hate to see what you'd be like 
>>when you're drunk.
> 	I suspect he has little patience with fools. Past experience, 
> doncha know.

Paul, however, is far from a fool, and impatience doesn't excuse 
calculated rudeness, particularly while purporting to claim the moral 
and intellectual highground in an argument.


"We may as well just play out our roles, then.
I'm the devil and you're the sinner.  We both
know where we're going now."
             	(Hellblazer #83)

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Date: 06 Aug 2004 06:10:30 GMT

>impatience doesn't excuse 
>calculated rudeness, particularly while purporting to claim the moral 
>and intellectual highground in an argument.

I agree, but I thought I should probably respond to Paul anyway, despite all

Just a charitable kind of guy, I guess....


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