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R. Tang <gwangung at u.washington.edu> wrote:
>>and impatience doesn't excuse 
>>calculated rudeness, particularly while purporting to claim the moral 
>>and intellectual highground in an argument.
>	Yeah, well, then Paul should REALLY wait until the arc is finished 
>before he pounces.....
>	Seriously...it IS rude to criticize a work while it's still going 
>on. Wait till the arc is over before tearing it to bloody shreds. At the 
>very least, you'll have more ammunition....

A couple things:

1) They are publishing it monthly. I paid for it. I get to come online and 
whine if I so choose.

2) Roger, you and I have been around for longer than most other posters so 
I hope you'll agree with me when I say that USENET is generally not a good 
place to come if you want your words treated like holy writ.

3) Paul's point isn't about the work. He actually defended the work. *MY* 
point was about the work. Paul's point was about the office that produced 
the work, which has given us as much reason to trust us as Fox has given 
us to believe they'll given new Friday series a chance to find an 
In memoriam Ray Charles, 1918-2004. Hear Brother Ray sing "America:"
The All-New, All-Different Howling Curmudgeons!

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>I paid for it. I get to come online and 
>whine if I so choose.

So why is it that there seems to be a problem when other users comment on the
whining?  Isn't that their choice as well?  Or does this particular street only
run one way?  If so, why?  And please show your work.

Personally, I think it's a terrific thing, to be able to turn the internet
waters into whine...


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