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Just some quick, minor updates....

In the comics world...Supreme Power 12 came out last week, and the next Amazing
Spider-Man comes out this week, and I'm very happy with how both of them came
out.  It's a good time to jump on board.

I was recently in NYC for a big retreat/conference with Marvel about upcoming
projects, and while there are several I can't talk about yet, one thing I can
mention is that I'll be doing a Silver Surfer miniseries that should shake
people up a bit.

There's also going to be something very weird and funny coming from Marvel
soon, which will give them cause to never, ever invite me to one of these
things ever again.

Also, the first of the last three Rising Stars issues comes out next month as
well as the co-written first issue of the Doctor Strange miniseries.

On the TV front, I have final confirmation that the last batch of Jeremiah
episodes will be airing on the regular Showtime channels starting September
3rd.  The episodes are:

Sept 3: Crossing Jordan and Running On Empty 
Sept 10:: The Question and The Past Is Prologue 
Sept 17: The Face In The Mirror and State Of The Union 
Sept 24: Interregnum (Parts 1 and 2)

All of them are really strong episodes, and I'm glad to see them finally being

Pending contractual negotiations and formal pickup by the networks involved,
I've been offered two different series, so we'll see which goes first.  They
could both be very cool to work on, but one of them could be insanely
successful.  I should know more about this situation in late October.  (Neither
is Trek-related, just to nip any potential rumors in the bud.)

Starting sometime in October, in an unrelated project, our friends in Britain
can expect to see me hanging about on-and-off in the general vicinity of
London.  Just, y'know, workin', doin' stuff.

I've also tentatively agreed (pending working out some details) to appear at
FedCon in Bonn, Germany in May of next year.  In an unrelated story, my radio
series, The City of Dreams, will also apparently be airing soon on German
radio.  For those of you who can speak the langauge, you can get more
information at http://www.sf-radio.net/radio/spezial/ 

The next of my novels to be reprinted from ibooks/Simon and Schuster is
Tribulations, due out in December, which can be pre-ordered at Amazon.com at

Volume 2 of the Supreme Power collection, also due out in December, can be
pre-ordered at


Buddy the Miracle Cat (or Buddy TMC as he is known to his hip-hop friends)
celebrated his first re-birthday last month, and has decided that he wants to
be a shark instead of a cat.  There's clear plastic covering one of the floors
while work is being done, and he loves nothing more than to get under the
plastic (lots of holes for air, don't worry) and circle around me like a shark,
over and over.  It's all he wants to do anymore.

Oh, and in the next week or so I should be turning in the next-to-final draft
of the TMoS screenplay.


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