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> >  From AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #500 - Baron Mordo confronts Dr Strange just
> >  as 
> > the story ends:
> > 
> > "You tampered with time.  You above all should know this does not come
> > without risks... risks of awakening things long asleep.  You could not
> > be defeated as you are.  But time is fluid now, and you may be
> > defeated by sending your self to your own beginnings... and changing
> > those beginnings in ways that will make you easier to defeat.  You
> > will return to the beginning... and what magic as may find you there
> > will not be what you expect."
> > 
> > So the idea seems to be a magical overhaul of history, leading to an 
> > explicit re-write of continuity.
> Actually sounds like an idea I had with Doctor Strange back in the early
> 90's.  In fact, it also involved Baron Mordo.  But my idea ended up with
> Strange becoming a sorcerer "now" rather than years ago and also being a
> bit more modern. 

>From the interview on Newsarama, it sounds like that's what they're 
going to do, essentially revamp his origin so that it's more recent (say 
in the 90s). It's like an Ultimate revamp set in the Marvel Universe. It 
reminds me a little of what happened on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER where 
Buffy was revamped to have a sister.

-- Ken from Chicago

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BTW...you can read the complete first issue of Strange at:



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