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Y'know, if there's anything more annoying than having to sit on good news, I
can't think of what it might be.  (Well, okay, being staked to an ant hill at
high noon is a pretty obvious one, but you get the idea.)

The only things I can say right now about B5:TMoS is that now that all the
correct agreements have been signed, sealed and delivered, the draft has gone
in, met with great enthusiasm all around, notes have been received, and the
next draft is in process and has to be delievered within two weeks so that
certain other steps can be set into motion.

I still can't tell you what it *is* because that has to come from the proper
people through the proper channels at the proper time...but I can tell  you a
few cases of what it *isn't*...it isn't a novel, or a short story, a comic, an
animated series, a radio drama or a stage play.  Beyond that, deponent sayeth

Except to say that it's pretty cool.

On a side-note...for those following the Suprme Power books...as good as the
series has been to date, and selling in the top 15 pretty consistently, the
next two issues, 8 and 9, the first of which goes on sale March 3rd, are going
to put this book on the map in a big way.  They're just stellar issues.  If you
haven't gotten into the book yet, now (or backtracking to issue 7, the start of
the new arc) would be a good time to do so, because it's going to start kicking
some serious ass.


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