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> Finally, as for Supreme Power...I gave everybody fair warning in every
> interview I did on this book: it's not going to be a conventional
> book, it's not going to be plot driven, its going to be a strong
> character story and it's going to develop over time into something
> extremely intense.  There's some serious action coming up very soon,
> but it's not aimed at stopping Doctor Destructo before he can unleash
> his Whammo ray and turn Chicago into gold so he can clean up.  It
> ain't that kind of book.  It's kind of an experiment, which is why
> it's under the Max label.  Some dig it, some don't, no harm, no foul. 
>  jms

Jesus Christ, am I gonna have to follow this newsgroup now?  I do like 
how these characters are analogous to the JLA as mentioned earlier in the 
thread.  Hmm, characters with character....nah, when has a successful 
comic ever had that?

Spiderman, Midnight Nation and Rising Stars all spent time exploring the 
characters that will populate his stories.  Would you expect his latest 
to be any different?  In fact, make a game of it.  Find the hidden idea 
that is common in all his production material as time goes by.  The 
latest seems to have been "Doctrine of Unintended Consequences" while 
next might be about the tailors of Costumes, while a previous idea dealt 
with making the big move.  Mind you, you have to invest in all of jms's 
art but is that such a bad thing?


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I just mentioned this in another thread, but in case that one gets held
up...the next issue comes out tomorrow, the 7th, and you can order the book
collected in hardcover (issues 1-6) at:



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