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> Dear all,
> Thanks to Wendy of PA, I have two more short video clips of JMS at the
> Hawthorne con.  One is the footage from the photo shoot that we did by my
> car; and the other is from the classroom Q&A (where I tell JMS about how
> Enterprise did a little creative 'borrowing' in their episode "E
Squared" -
> and he threatens me with a rubberband <g>).
> The videos can be found at the bottom of:

It's neat to see that "The JMS" is also a regular guy too.

I didn't realise he was that tall till then...

John Trauger,

"Methane martini.
Shaken, not sitirred."

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>It's neat to see that "The JMS" is also a regular guy too.

Fiber, I tell you, it makes all the difference.


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