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Brian Doyle (No_spam at freeserve.co.uk) wrote:
: tphile wrote:
: > Gregatron wrote:
: >> And here's a preview of the cover to Spectacular # 25 ("Sins
: >> Remembered"):
: >>
: >>
: http://www.comicboards.com/smb/attachments/041118132128/SpecSpidey%20025%20cov%20col.jpg
: >>
: >>
: >> Absolutely disgusting. She's a child, and the spitting image of Gwen.
: >>
: >
: > She's big for her age.  ;)
: >
: > but in spite of her rapid growth, isn't she still legally a minor
: > according to her birth certificate and the law?
: > So doesn't that mean she is jailbait and Peter is child molesting?
: The same can be said by, amongst others; Superboy (About 5 physically, tops,
: but was somehow still able to sign legally biinding contracts with Rex Leech
: his agent) and Impulse/Kid Flash (Currently 4 years old, in sheer length of
: time lived, though being born 1000 years in the future doesn't help the
: tenses and timespan calculations) over in DC. One has to assume allowances
: would have to be for accelerated life experience...

Fair enough, though has there been any real reason why, rather than just 
the bodies of Gwen's twins aging, their mental faculties and 
level of experience is any different?  While JMS was defending the rapid 
aging, he pointed to progeria as an example of it happening in the real 
world.  If Spidey does wind up doing something with Gwen's daughter, and 
that it's okay, is the argument then 'it's okay to hit on kids with 
progeria, because they're older than their chronological age?' ;)

Peter Dimitriadis
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From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
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>>> And here's a preview of the cover to Spectacular # 25 ("Sins
>: >> Remembered"):

Just jumping in here to note that I never saw that cover, and don't approve of
it.  I passed on the info to Samm (who also had not seen it) and it doesn't
reflect at all what is in her story.  Just FYI.  


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