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A favor for a friend: I know there are a lot of medical students, nurses and
physicians who are also B5 fans, and if there is anyone who can help with this
question, that would be great.

You know that moment in a movie where somebody is introduced to a specialist
and told "He (or she) is the best there is in the country"...?  I'm looking for
the very top qualified person (or clinic) in the area of lung cancer.  If a
friend of yours was dianosed with that, of whom would you say "Go to this
person or clinic" as being the best in the field?  I'm primarily looking for
referrals from people working in the field.  (And no, again, this ain't me or
anyone related directly to B5...it's a relative of a friend in need of a second
opinion, and I said I'd ask.)

Responses via email not the group, please.


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