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>>On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 09:37:48 -0400, Jan wrote
(in article <20040921080735.17374.00000922 at mb-m27.aol.com>):

> Gropo wrote:
>> And as far as JMS the Macbasher is concerned, I take back 90% of the
>> praise I've heaped upon B5 over the years. 
> Oh, Universe!  Save us from the evangelizers on BOTH sides.  Do you people
> realize how old and knee-jerk (best defined by removing the work knee) this
> rivalry has gotten?<<

Sounds like exactly the kind of thing a Windows user would say...


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Re: mac-bashing...here's the thing of it.

Just about everyone I've ever known who has had a mac -- I'm talking friends
here or co-workers -- has had problems with them.  They seem to spend an
inordinate amount of time sending their systems in to be fixed, usually after
downloading an upgrade that suddenly disables half their system.

Of the five I know currently who have macs, including the most recent
powerbooks, EVERY ONE of them has had to send their system in to be worked on,
or had the system glitch badly after updating.  Every.  One.

Bashing hell...it's the truth.


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