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David Williams wrote:

> "Kevin A. Munoz" <kevin at tesarta.com> wrote in message
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>> The funny thing, of course, is that nowhere in the Bible do the
>> prophets say "he will be called a Nazorean" in reference to anyone. The
>> text to which the author of Matthew referred was therefore one that
>> didn't end up being considered canonical, and was lost to history
>> because no one bothered to preserve it. (Either that or Matthew just
>> goofed and misread or misremembered some other line.)
> Actually, as I noted in another related post, many of those NON-canonical
> works probably HAVE been preserved.  But the Vatican library has a
> centuries-old vested interest in refusing access to said documents.  One
> of my professors was able to gain access once to an old document at the
> Vatican
> library.  His story of the experience was quite singular and very
> revealing.
> -David W.

So you're going to tease us with a bombshell like this and NOT tell us more
about it?

I'd be interested in hearing more.  I had a friend who told me about a
friend of his who gained access to many of these documents (since it's a
second hand source, I haven't mentioned it before -- while I think my
friend was telling the truth as he knew it, I can't be sure what he was
told was true).  From what he said, while there he uncovered many documents
that proved that the RC Church used to have a marriage ceremony for same
sex couples.  (And before anyone hits the ceiling on this, remember, it's a
totally unverifiable story, I mention it as anecdotal and because it is on
the topic of gaining access to Vatican documents that may often prove to be
contrary to Church teachings.)


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>From what he said, while there he uncovered many documents
>that proved that the RC Church used to have a marriage ceremony for same
>sex couples. 

Don't know how much accuracy is there, but there's info about this at:



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