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I'd mentioned a while back that I would remind folks when the stores
would begin taking orders for Dream Police...so this is it.

Dream Police will appear as a one-shot on June 22nd, but Marvel has a
tendency to print to orders, so if you don't order it up front, it may
not be available.  Apparently interest is high, so I have a sneaking
suspicion this one may disappear fast.

Basically, the premise of Dream Police -- which has been in the works
for a long time now, and finally seeing print -- is that we all enter
the dreamscape when we fall asleep, and the denizens of said dreamscape
all play their roles...but when someone doesn't do their job, or a
crime against dreamers is committed, the Dream Police come in.

The thing is...the Dream Police are plain clothes detectives and beat
cops who walk, talk and behave like characters out of the Maltese
Falcon, or Dragnet, or Adam 12, that very literal, staccato, clipped
back-and-forth style of dialogue.

So what you've got is a very funny, weird, surreal book that puts these
very noir characters up against the dreamscape...and I'm just pleased
as punch with the result.

Hence, this recommendation.  There's no long arc to sign onto, just the
one issue, but it's just a hoot and a half to read.  It's fromm Marvel
under the Icon imprint, and I commend it highly to all B5 folks.


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