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From: Craigbob <cbobchin at csi.com>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 18:21:49 +0000 (UTC)
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I need some help in sorting out a dilemma I am facing.

About 5 months ago I decided to leave my job for one that was a better 
fit for my skills.

I found two that were very interesting to me and I interviewed with the 

Company 1, was a very exciting position that made use of most of the 
skills I've acquired over the past 20 years in IT. They were interested 
in me as well, but before they could bring me back for a 2nd round of 
interviews, they wanted to hire the person that would be my boss. I 
walked out of the interview really wanting the job.

Company 2 had a position very much in line with what I've been doing for 
the past 13 years just with a different system. They made me an offer 
that was 11% over what I was making, and I took it because I really 
wanted to get out of my old place of business.

About a week into my new job, I received a message from company 1 that 
they had hired the person that would be my boss, and they were going to 
go in a different direction with the position. Okay, I figured that 
seals it, the position I really wanted is no more.

About a week later I get another call from Company 1. It seems that the 
new Director wants to meet with me. I was taking a day to work from home 
and decided to meet with them. I walked away from that interview more 
convinced than ever that this was the job for me. I got along great with 
the person that I would report to. The work was even more interesting 
than I initially thought. Now it was wait time. I figured if they came 
in close to the salary I was now at or the salary I just gave up I would 
take it.

I received an offer from company 1 today. It was $1,700.00 less than my 
old salary. I do intend to make a counter offer. But I know they won't 
be able to pay what I'm making now which is $11,000 over their offer. 

Now a few more items to throw into the mix. For my current job @ company 
2 I have an 1 - 2 hour drive to get to work. I usually drive up on Mon. 
take the train, and leave a car up where I work. and Drive home on Fri. 
But I have to get up super early to get the train, and the Fri. commute 
home is 2 hours minimum.  This for a job 45 miles away. I do get a bit 
of a discount on the train as most of the cost of the monthly pass is 
taken out in pretax $$$ on my paycheck and put on a transit credit card 
for me to purchase the tickets with.

Company 1 is closer to home (approx 20 Miles away), and I can drive or 
take the train. This would incur more of a cost in gas than I currently 
pay. The train tickets cost about the same, but I would not have to get 
up nearly as early.

Only once before have I ever changed jobs for a lower salary. And that 
was when I went from an Independent consultant to work for a company in 
another state. I had very valid reasons for doing so.

I guess my question to everyone is this: Discounting the job I'm in now, 
would you take a job for $1,700.00 less than what you are making if the 
work was interesting and the location closer to home? 

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From: jmsatb5 at aol.com
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 00:01:34 +0000 (UTC)
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Set the money aside.  Which job would you *enjoy* the most?  Because if
you enjoy it, you'll likely grow in it and be promoted and in the long
run, earn more.  And doing something you enjoy means you will likely
live longer, and thus also earn more in the long run.

Which job would give you more pleasure to do, day in and day out?

Whichever answer it is, that's the job to take.


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