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From: Jan <janmschroeder at aol.com>
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As a major Superman fan, do you plan to see "Hollywoodland" at all?  What do you
think of the 'mystery'?


You mentioned that some of the crew you wanted to work on the Lost Tales
wouldn't be available until October. Would some of those names be familiar to us
from your past projects and would you tell us who some of them are?  You know,
for instance, music, art, photography, conceptual consultant...anybody else you
might want to tell us?


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Date: 14 Sep 2006 11:50:07 -0700
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Jan wrote:
> JMS,
> As a major Superman fan, do you plan to see "Hollywoodland" at all?  What do you
> think of the 'mystery'?

I haven't seen it yet, and I'm still debating.  I'm a huge George
Reeves fan, and part of me wants to keep that image and that character

On the comics front, incidentally...it was just announced by Marvel
that I'm going to be taking over and re-launching the Thor monthly
title.  Because this is a big mythological show, it's very much in my
wheelhouse, as it were, and it's really important to make this work.
So I'm giving some thought to pulling back on some of the other comics
work, notably FF, to make room to give this my full attention.


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