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There's been a lot going on, and more to come, so these will be brief
and to the point....

The first draft for the script to World War Z has been turned in and
has met with a *very* positive reaction.  I'm making my final
revisions now and should turn in the second draft by the 23rd or so.

The B5 DVD has been fully delivered to WB along with finals on all of
the director's blogs, the interviews, and fireside chats.  I'd expect
to see them online in a few weeks, one at a time.

"Changeling" continues unabated toward production in the fall.  I'm
looking forward to meeting Clint Eastwood soon, once he returns from

Having finished WWZ and David, there are at present five other feature
projects in front of me which I'll be choosing between over the next
few weeks: one based on a mainstream historical novel by a pulitzer
prize winning author, another historical work, a very well known
Marvel comics character, a sequel to a classic mainstream mystery
film, and a movie based on a massively influential series of SF
novels.  Which of those goes first will depend on the deals now being
put together.  Suffice to say I've found myself in rather stunning
company of late.

Expect several major announcements at San Diego Comic Con in addition
to all the stuff already discussed.

One of the projects I can't talk about yet is taking me to London in
early May for a week, and shortly afterward, Berlin.  While I'm there,
I'll also use the time to have meetings at the BBC, Channel 4 and
elsewhere, and may try to work in a signing somewhere.

Finally, volume 11 of the script books is about to come out, and I
wanted to let folks know that there won't be any photos or memos in
this volume (well, one memo) because this covers the insane period
between the end of the fourth season and the beginnings of the fifth
season...all of the fireworks, all the twists and turns, much of it
never before revealed in detail, day by day, hour by hour, and in
order to cover all that the introduction/commentary section turned
into the longest one to date, and not by just a little.  It's almost
23,000 words long, covering over 70 pages.  If you want the skinny on
what happened during those explosive months, this is the definitive
last word on the subject.

Also, because these books are being written in chronological fashion
following the history of the show year by year, we decided to move
Sleeping in Light into this volume...so you get Deconstruction,
Sleeping in Light, and the season 5 debut, No Compromises, and four

The one thing I can promise is that folks are going to be talking
about this volume for a very, very long time...and many things not
previously understood or debated about will be set to rights and
explained, once and for all.


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Date: 17 Apr 2007 04:27:40 -0700
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Quick follow-up for our friends in the UK...I'll be doing a signing at
Forbidden Planet London at 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, at 1:00 p.m. on
Satuday May 12th.  This will be my first signing/appearance in England
since B5 finished its run, about seven years ago.


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