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Date: 5 Feb 2007 19:19:19 -0800
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Folkses --

Sorry for the long absence, but I've been a) up to my tuchis in work
and b) when I switched over to a new system I went for aol open ride
which massively fubar'd my online capabilities, and I've had to log on
via explorer and it's a pain.

Anyway...I wanted to give folks a heads-up on my NYC comic con

Friday the 23rd: signing at 5, solo spotlight at 7:30 with some video
blogs from the TLT shoot.

Saturday the 24th: 1:30 panel on world building, signings at 3.

Sunday the 25th: 3:00 is me telling people everything I know about
writing.  What I'm supposed to do from 3:10 on is anybody's guess.


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