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I apologize for the cryptic nature of what follows, but in time this
will all be cleared up.

Starting mid-July into August and possibly September, I'm going to be
traveling quite a lot in researching a new movie project that I
cannot, for the moment, announce.  (Not Lensman, this is a different
project, and I've already started on Lensman.)  Suffice to say that
the research stage is going to be extensive in the extreme.

The main emphasis is on advanced technology.  If someone who can do
the math were to look down the road a million years and see what
advances might be there, based on what we know now, what would that
look like?  Advanced tech here covers warfare, living, toys,
environment, health, media, space travel, you name it.  Everything
that a civilization a million years more advanced than we are might
use or encounter.

Secondarily to this would be information on planetary physics and
alien biology.

To that effect, my intent is to visit as many of the following places
as possible: NASA Florida, the Wright-Paterson Air Force Base High
Technology Labs, MIT, CalTech, and any other places that seem like
good prospects.  (If there's anything missing from that list, feel
free to add it.)  I'm going to listen, ask questions, and try to keep
up.  And no, there's no money involved, though if anyone proves to be
insanely helpful, I can try to work out a consulting credit.  No

The studio is going to help with some of the legwork here, they say
they can get me into Wright-Pat, but we'll see...even so, the ways of
studios grind very slowly.  So I turn to you lot for assistance since
a number of you either are, or know someone who is, directly involved
with this stuff.

So...let the games begin.


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