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Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 16:11:10 -0800 (PST)
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It seems I've mostly won the trojan battle, even though one of them
keeps trying to re-appear only to be knocked down again by spyware
doctor.  (The trojan zlob!sd6)  I can block it but nothing seems to
remove it.

Meanwhile, just some other updates for folks who've been asking about
one thing or another....

On the public appearance front, I'm slated to appear as Guest of Honor
at the New York Comic Con in February, and I've been invited to speak
at MIT on May 22nd as part of the Julie Schwartz Lecture Series.

To correct one piece of misinformation out there...I'm not involved
with the Thor movie in any way.  There seems to be this notion that I
rewrote the previous scripts for Marvel.  Totally not true.

Finally, later this month, in addition to continuing to turn in
screenplay assignmentgs, I'll be turning in the pilot script for Last
Words, an hour dramatic series with a paranormal thrust, being written
for TNT and Dreamworks.

(It's a new crowd at TNT these days.)


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