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Subject: Wallace & Gromit - LASER DISK
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From: klr at umbc.edu (Kurt Reisler)
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What has this got to do with B5?  JMS is a Wallace & Gromit fan.

Just arrived via UPS this morning.  Aardman Animations presents

		Wallace and Gromit in Nick Park's
			A Grand Day Out
		      The Wrong Trousers

It is CAV on both sides, stereo CX encoded.  Running times are 24
minutes for AGDO and 30 minutes for TWT.  It is a CBS FOX distribution.

This may also be available on VHS tape in the US (I know both are
available in the UK and Ireland on PAL tapes).  I ordered mine through
"Sight and Sound" at (617) 894-8633.  It is item 830484.

             Kurt Reisler (UNIX SIG Chair, DECUS US Chapter)
		  Captain, UNISIG International Luge Team
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From: jwolf at cybercom.net (James A. Wolf)
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Dave Mansell <dave at citsoft.co.uk> wrote:

>> Just for JMS and other Wallace & Gromit fans - looks like there is 
>> a new animation coming our way. Caught a glimpse of a preview on 
>> UK's C4 yesterday. 
>> I scribbled down the title but a day later in the 'disaster' which 
>> is my desk this afternoon the only thing scribbled down that looks
>> unconnected to other notes are the words "A Cutting Copy".
>I saw a clip on Film 95, It's called "The Close Shave". Fans of 
>Thunderbirds will find the clip I saw highly amusing.

BTW Both The Wrong Trousers and Grand Day Out (It's like no cheese
I've ever tasted) are available on videocasette.

>Dave Mansell
>(dave at citsoft.co.uk).
>I am becom deth the destroyr of words
 ROTFL!  Reverting to typo?

James A. Wolf - jwolf at cybercom.net

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Samson's time."
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From: straczynski at genie.geis.com
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     Heard about it.  Got to video store the day of the release.  Bought
it.  All is right with the world now.

     "Fancy a bit of cheese, Grommit?"


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