Is JMS away for a while?

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Subject: Is JMS away for a while?
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From: jarrell at (Ron Jarrell)
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Jay Denebeim (denebeim at wrote:
: Say, does anyone want me to get onto Genie so that we can have jms's
: posts there here?  I've been thinking about doing this, but haven't
: decided if it's worth the money yet.

There was someone that used to do this regularly, as a job (post
messages from GEnie, that is) they volunteered for.  Have they stopped?
There are a few of us here who have been on GEnie forever that specifically
haven't been doing it because we agreed that only one person should.

On a slightly different note, however, if someone wants to join GEnie
for whatever reason, send me some email, and I'll send you the blurb on
how to do it, including an offer code that waives the signup fee, and
gives you $50 worth of free time to test the waters.


From: zafaran at (Zafaran)
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In article <46mcjh$2ci at>, jarrell at (Ron
Jarrell) writes:

>Subject:	Re: Is JMS away for a while?
>From:	jarrell at (Ron Jarrell)
>Date:	25 Oct 1995 18:09:53 -0400
>Jay Denebeim (denebeim at wrote:
>: I haven't seen any regular Genie postings for almost a year now
>: actually.  We've been getting compuserve, but that's about it.
>Hmm.  Well, if you want, I'll upload my personal archives of the last few
>months of things he said.

Thank you, kind sir.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Almost as much as
solaris is.

Take care,

Patricia A. Swan      zafaran at       zafaran at
76571.2671 at                    [domain name pending]
Carolina Word and Data Services, 213 Franklin St., Bryson City, NC


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     General note to everyone: it usually takes 5-7 days from the time a
note is posted to the group to show up on my computer here, partly because
it has to be filtered by the Rangers, partly because my newreader often
just doesn't show anything for days at a time, then I get 1,054 messages
in one huge lump.


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