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Subject: JMS: B5 merchandise
+  1: Oct 31, 1995: wbe at (Winston Edmond)
*  2: Nov  3, 1995: straczynski at


From: wbe at (Winston Edmond)
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   American Entertainment, a company that mostly specializes in comics-
related stuff, just sent me a catalog.  On page 9, they have several items of
Babylon 5 merchandise:
  * an 11 oz. black ceramic mug with the B5 logo,
  * a 100% cotton crew-neck T-shirt with the logo & pictures of the cast on a
     black background,
  * a baseball cap with the logo, and
  * three paperback books (B5 Voices, B5 Accusations, B5 Blood Oath).

I have no reason to think any of these are not properly licensed products,
but since I don't remember what all is, just in case, this lets you know.


From: straczynski at
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     No, those all look licensed to me.  BTW, Creation Entertainment in
Glendale CA has these nifty B5 jackets and the best B5 mugs I've seen
yet; they're oversized black ceramic mugs with the B5 logo on one side,
and a silhouette of the station on the other side, both done in silver.
Really nifty.

     BTW #2: there are three patches that are starting to show up at
conventions: an Earthforce3t#@ppz1s Off-World, Death's Hands, and the Starfury
"Ugly But Well Hung" patch.  These are *strictly* illegal, and we're
backtracking this to the source.  If you see any of these, let me know
where and when and any info you can get on who was selling them and/or
their source.


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