ATTN JMS: Sound Editing

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Sat Nov 4 06:27:59 EST 1995

Subject: ATTN JMS: Sound Editing
+  1: Oct 31, 1995: stanczyk at rintintin.Colorado.EDU (Mike Stanczyk)
*  2: Nov  2, 1995: straczynski at


From: stanczyk at rintintin.Colorado.EDU (Mike Stanczyk)
Lines: 10


Send a large pat on the back to whom ever does the sound work for B5.  
I finished watching Comes the Inquistor, and realized that I had heard
each and every click of that cane.  Wow.  May they win a large award
for such hard work.

Mike Stanczyk
stanczyk at


From: straczynski at
Lines: 4

     Thanks.  We spend a *great* deal of time on the sound on this show,
to make it interesting and so it stands out without being obtrusive.


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