ATTN JMS: No Janet Greek in Season 3?

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Subject: ATTN JMS: No Janet Greek in Season 3?
+  1: Nov  1, 1995: mmackinn at (Mark C Mackinnon)
*  2: Nov  3, 1995: straczynski at


From: mmackinn at (Mark C Mackinnon)
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	Just wondering why Janet Greek doesn't seem to be directing any B5 
episodes in Season 3.  Other commitments?  Contract ending?  Opening the 
way for others?

	If she's not coming back, it's too bad.  I found the JMS/Greek 
combination to be on of the best on the show.

					Mark MacKinnon, University of Guelph
						AMBERCON NORTH '96 Organizer


From: straczynski at
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     Janet isn't directing any episodes this season because she wanted to
take time off to work on her own screenwriting projects.  She took one or
two high-priced network gigs to fill in the gaps, plus she's squeezing in
one Hypernauts episode, but that's it.  Once she's done?|e we hope to he(?iave
her again next season (ratings willing).


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