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Subject: ATTN JMS: Why are stations not renewing.
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I have noticed a trend this past week of several stations not renewing B-5
for the third season.  I know from the number of posts done in this news 
group that B-5 has a good size audience.  My question is.  Has WB started 
making it harded on local stations to get B-5 since the merger?

The local FOX station did not renew B-5.  We have another local independent
station that several of us are trying to get to pick it up.  Who, What, and 
Where do they contact about getting B-5?

Michael Talbert
mtalbert at


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     The problem is that some of the stations don't realize or understand that
they've been showing the same one season's worth of reruns since May, and
that that's why the ratings dropped after a show's aired 3-4 times.  The
rerun period hurt us a lot, no breaks, no new episodes in 5 months.  In
other cases, they never supported the show, don't want it, want to make
room for UPN or Fox shows (when that network owns the station), and so
they look to drop it.

     If a station drops the show, contact other local independent stations
and ask them to pick it up.  Because what's significant is that in those
markets where the show is supported, as soon as we hit with new episodes,
the ratings banged right back up to where they were, and the overnights
have been increasing every week since we went back on with new stuff.


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