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(Sheesh - I'm actually doing an ATTN JMS post. It was bad enough
that I started taping the episodes - next thing ya know I'll be
showing up at conventions, dressed as a Vorlon...)

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>structure, but so did Meatloaf in "Life Is A Lemon And I want My Money
>Back."  (What about your childhood?  What about love?)  It's in many
ALL RIGHT! jms is a Meatloaf fan! 
[more deletia]
>(Heck, read the book of Job sometime.)
>                                                                  jms

Speaking of Job...

I was recently looking at your comments for TKO, describing Ivanova's
development as a character, and how characters eventually take over
their own development and start talking to you, their creator, and
saying how they see themselves. 

(Other writers that I've read have made similar comments, about
their characters and their stories...)

If this is how your characters develop, I was wondering...
What would *you* say to one of them, say G'Kar, or Ivanova, if
they asked you to justify what you have done to their 

And...*has* this happened yet? 

Patrick Bowman
Trying not to be sneaky, or heavy-handed,
but honestly wondering...


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     What would I say to one of my characters if asked to justify what I
had done to them?

     "I figured it'd make things a *lot* more interesting.  To see what
(and if) you'd learn.  Because it makes for good drama, and I like to be
entertained at this end.  Because I can.  And because I felt like it."


     (Where were you when I brought forth the whale....)

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