I am not ready yet!

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Subject: I am not ready yet!
+  1: Nov  3, 1995: mpiet at cais.com (Mark V Pietrasanta)
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From: mpiet at cais.com (Mark V Pietrasanta)
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I just saw the Fall of Night, and when it was over I said:

	"I have seen a Vorlon... but I have not seen a Vorlon!"

I suddenly realized that Kosh is starting to make sense!

Also, based on Sheridan's comments in the end (about manipulation),
it would seem that he is nearly ready to "fight legends".

However, as much as my rational mind sees that Kosh has done
virtually nothing to help anyone (except in TFoN), and has actually
caused some of the main characters pain (physical and otherwise), and
that as a result I shouldn't trust his/its intentions, my gut
reaction is that he is somehow good!  What's wrong with me!  All
I seem to know is that he is part of a "force of light" who apparently
wants to fight the Shadows.  Why am I so willing to accept Kosh and
the Vorlons as good!

I believe it is because somehow I have been genetically programmed
to accept this.  I believe he is good because of the connotations
to light, because of my "faith" in his vague intentions, and because
of other peoples apparent faith in him/it.

This is similar to certain people's blind following of evangelists.
Apparently so long as you say the right thing in the right way, no
matter what your real actions or lack of actions, people will follow
the evagelists as though they are somehow god-like.

In any case, my point was that I apparently am not ready to fight
legends or _see_ a Vorlon.  I am blinded by something.  I need

A B5 fanatic...Planning a massive Babylonathon in 1998 to watch
all 5 years of eps back-to-back...
/Mark - mpiet at cais.com


From: straczynski at genie.geis.com
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     Just lie down, have a nice glass of warm milk, Q| b*/#=7F=7Fmaybe a =
nice fish
sandwich, it'll pass....in about 3 more years.


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