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In the Thursday November 2, 1995, San Jose Mercury News,
Peninsula Morning Edition, Section E, page 1, Mike
Antonucci has an article "Sci-fi series defy same-sex
boundaries" that compares B5 quite favorably with DS9
on this issue.  

>From a long-term perspective, this article should be
heartening to you because Antonucci chose to give B5 equal 
coverage with DS9 instead of focusing solely on DS9's
"Rejoined" episode.  Then again, in this area at least,
Channel 44 KBHK runs DS9 and B5 as a one-two punch 
Thursdays 8-10 PM with a repeat showing 9-11 PM on Sundays,
and KBHK seems to heavily advertise in the Mercury News.
In this area at least there seem to be sound commercial
reasons for everyone from TV station to critics to treat B5
with some respect.

Antonucci writes:

      On "Babylon Five" (which follows "Deep Space Nine" on 
       KBexecutive producer J. Michael Straczynski has been
   creating an atmosphere in which gay and lesbian 
   relationships are part of the ordinary backdrop rather
   than the focus of a script.  In a recent episode, for
   instance, one female character discovered that another
   had left a room by reaching out in bed for her.  But
   their sleeping together didn't push any social 
      "In the year 2259," says Straczynski, "no one cares."

In general, Antonucci quotes you extensively and hints that
he is perhaps slightly more sympathetic to your approach to 
this issue rather than what he calls DS9's "one-show leap",
although his own personal philosophy on this issue induces
him to strongly praise both B5 and DS9's efforts.  I think
you'd enjoy reading this article.

David Shao


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     If I could possibly get a copy of this sent to me at the B5 mail
drop, I'd be infinitely appreciative.  That's, as usual, suite 260 at
14431 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423



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