ATTN JMS: Did he, or didn't he? (TFON mini-SPOILER)

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Subject: ATTN JMS: Did he, or didn't he? (TFON mini-SPOILER)
+  1: Nov  2, 1995: flanagan at (Mark Flanagan)
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From: flanagan at (Mark Flanagan)
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seems silly for such an innocuous question, but whathehell

I only wish to know whether or not Sheridan actually managed to
give his apology, and if so, was it the one we saw rehearsed, and
was it given in the Zen garden soon after the Kosh revelation scene,
or at a later time?  (Geez, I sure set you up to be cryptic, didn't I)
(ok - I guess I *did* need that spoiler protection after all)

Thank you  Nevill Chamberlain
(Nice face melt on Warren, ByTheWay)


From: straczynski at
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     After the Centauri tried to kill him, the need for an apology was
somewhat obviated.  Had he still been forced to do so, the one he
rehearsed was the one he intended to give.


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