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Subject: ATTN JMS: New Opening Sequence
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From: grosvald at (Mike Grosvald)
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Hi JMS, it's great having new B5 on again!  I thought Fall of Night,
in particular, was a standout.  I just saw the third season opener last
night (good show), and I think the new credit sequence is very strong...  
which leads to my question.  I've noticed people commenting on the new
music, but I haven't seen anyone mention that the music came from the
battle flashback scene in Sky Full of Stars.  The reason I noticed this
right away is that that scene was the first in the series which really
mesmerized me (I didn't become a Really Big Fan until the second year).
It was a very powerful scene.. seeing all those ships getting blown away 
was so sad, and the music was a big part of what made the sequence 
that strong.  I watched that scene many times on the VCR!  

So I'm wondering.. does the use of this music as the new theme indicate 
any particular tie-in with Sky Full of Stars type issues, or did you just
think the music was cool?

Thanks for putting together such a great show!  If you keep it up, B5
may well become my all-time favorite TV show.  And I was a skeptic!

Mike Grosvald


From: straczynski at
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     The music is indicative of the mood this season.

     And thanks.


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