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Subject: Questions for JMS
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     First of all, since this is my first posting, I must thank you (JMS)
for giving us Babylon 5.  I truly believe that it will be known as the
best program ever produced for television.  Now on to my questions.  If
anyone has asked these questions before, than I apologize.  Question 1: 
Where exactly is "the rim"?  I believe that the rim refers to the rim of
explored space, but where with respect to the galaxy is it?  Question 2: 
In how much of the galaxy does the B5 story take place?  Or more
precisely, on Morden's map in "Matters of Honor", does most of the major
races' home planets reside in the spiral arm "given" to the Centauri by
the Shadows?  Question 3:  What exactly is "the veil" that the First Ones
have passed beyond?  Question 4:  What are the Shadows' motives?  Why are
they doing what they are doing?  Note that I don't really expect an answer
to the fourth question, and somewhat so for the third.  But if you want to
answer, I'm all ears!
     Thanks in advance, and thanks once again for B5, the one show where I
really don't know what is going to happen, but I'm having an incredible
time trying to figure it out.


From: straczynski at
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     The rim, and the "veil" beyond which the bulk of the First Ones
passed, is the Galactic rim.  As for why the shadows are doing what
they're doing...that's kind of the key to the whole thing, which we
haven't turned yet.


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