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Subject: ATT JMS Why not show eposide in letterbox (was Re: Bab 5 Reruns Bought by Turner's TNT!
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From: adhamh at (Adhamh Findlay)
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Why isn't B% broadcast in letterbox?  If they can do it for the credits
the entire episode should be able to be done the same way right?  Maybe I
missing something, but it would give all us loyal fans what we want.

adhamh at


From: nathan at (Nathan Mates)
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In article <48b0us$4qs6 at>,
MECE/W94 <cang at> wrote:
>I think this has something to do with letter box not being compatible
>to broadcast signals?

   Nope, letterbox is perfectly compatible with normal NTSC broadcast
signals. It's achieved by compressing the picture so that it occupies
less space vertically, and allowing more information in from the
sides. The top and bottom of the picture are replaced with black
bands. The signal format does not change one iota, the content does.

>I'd love letter box though, just wouldn't be too effective on my 13" TV.

   I've got an 11" computer monitor doubling as a TV, and letterboxing
is darn effective. Looks real nice. Until recently, when I started
having B5 showings in my room, I was the only one watching stuff, so
it was not problem to be 4 feet from the TV.

>How bout SELECTIVE LETTER BOX. Ok, you do know that letter box
>exists due to film makers wanting a tighter frame on their shoot.
>So on certain scenes with say facial expressions (perhaps hints
>to something), then the bars could roll in and out. Much like
>some Japanese cartoons. Be a great tool though.

   1) Variable picture size? Eeeech. 

   2) If the only anime you've seen is in 4:3 (non-ltbx), you're
missing a heck of a lot. I've got a whole bunch of things in that
format, and they are real nice. If the company doing the subtitling is
really on the ball (US Manga Corps, The Heroic Legend of Arislan, Part
1, LD release for example), the picture is moved up on the screen so
that most of the black space is on the bottom. Then, the subtitles are
put in the expanded black space at the bottom, not obscuring the

Nathan Mates

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From: straczynski at
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      Because most Americans have TV sets 21" or smaller, letterboxing
doesn't work in that framework.


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