JMS: are Monks flip-side of technomages?

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Subject: JMS: are Monks flip-side of technomages?
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In the monks that just arrived, we have a *highly* trained pool of 
technical people with no allegence to any power structure, and offering 
to help.  This seems *immensely* useful, and much like the flip-side to 
the technomages.  (These monks strike me has having the technical skills 
to go down and repair the machine buried on the planet below, if it 
required maintance, and as such, should prove a resource of great value 
to Sheridan.)

Is this the way they should be thought of?


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In article <48regt$rua at>, markduell at
(MarkDuell) writes:

>Wes, Wes, Wes,
>     I don't think David has said anything here that requires Spoilers. 
>Nothing was said that divulges direction in the plot.  Yes, spoilers are
>important in this newsgroup, but this is a bit of a stretch.

Mark, Mark, Mark.  Thanks...<G>

I don't know how much our UK friends have seen (though thinking about it
there has been Theo postings and Dominican/Jesuit postings for a while,
now, so probably no harm done).  I'd just rather be overprotective. 
Y'know, mother-hen (father-hen?) syndrome?

Anyway, you're probably right...

Wes Struebing


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      No, I wouldn't think of them in technomage terms; if you look at the
history of many of these orders, they've generally pulled together people
of varying skills.  Ain't really that new an idea....


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