Legal _B5_ Marathon? Need Advice, Please

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Subject: Legal _B5_ Marathon? Need Advice, Please
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From: jegolf at (J.M.Egolf)
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My apologies if this appears twice -- but I think my newsreader ate the 
first try. Anyway --

A while back, somebody (out west? Arizona? Colorado?) did a _B5_ marathon 
at their college. I remember that they posted here, asking for JMS's ok 
on showing _B5_ tapes in a public forum. He gave it, but I don't remember 
the details.

Could whoever did that, let me know how you were able to have your 
showings be copyright-legal? Or, could somebody who *knows* how to do 
this (no speculation, please, I've already got the Copyright FAQ URL 
<gg>) please respond?

I'm actually more interested in doing this at an SF con (not-for-profit) 
than in connection with a school, but info on either is welcome.

E-mail is okay, or you can post it here. TIA.
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From: straczynski at
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     Insofar as I understand it, if one is showing the tapes one made
oneself, and is not charging for admission, there's not a problem.


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