ATTN JMS - Season 4: we'd all better work on it now

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Subject: ATTN JMS - Season 4: we'd all better work on it now 
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From: canxsys at (John Cannon)
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All concerns, comments, and trivia about Seasonsa 1/2/3 aside, I think 
it's becoming clear that with the scheduling shuffles of individual 
stations and the voiced perception of some programmers that ratings are a 
problem, the real issue we had all better work on is Season 4.

There are many of us calling stations (I talk a lot to our local 
Canadian ones, but I've really been on to the WUTV Buffalo one because 
it is the domestic U.S. market that is make-or-break in the long run. 
Last I heard, they are dreopping the series effective October 14.

So what should we do? You're on the net for a reason, and I've got to 
think that right about now would be a good time to mobilize this group 
that are at least singing in the same choir (even if usually not in total 

If all we're all doing in 6 months is arguing about Star Fury fuel 
consumption and the relative roles of Sheridan and Sinclair, the great 
ratings axe may come upon us all and there would be the true tragedy.

So: guidance that's what's needed. I'll pitch in to do whatever to get 
ratings up, and so will most everyone else I think. So what should we do 
to best effect?

				John C. 



From: straczynski at
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     All you can do is make your voices heard at the local level; station
programmers are required by FCC rules to operate "in the public's interest,
necessity and convenience."  So they have to be responsive to letters and
petitions.  Beyond that, it's all beyond my control; only local voices will
make a difference.

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